www.americanquiltbatting.com is a ”QUILT BATTING RESOURCE” for all quilters and quilt organizations. We offer first quality quilt batting of 100% cotton, anti-bacterial bamboo, traditional cotton/polyester blends, and economical 100% polyester. Ordering is simple with seven styles of classic and eco-friendly quilt battings to choose from in rolls 25, 15 and 10 yards and packaged individual quilt batting by the case. If you are near the Dallas/Fort Worth area you save more by picking up your order. No minimum order, exceptional savings.

American made quilt battings -- pure “Cotton” quilt batting -- antibacterial “Bamboo” quilt batting – traditional “Cotton/Poly” quilt batting--economical “Polyester” quilt batting--bright white quilt batting – natural old fashion quilt batting — just black 60/40 quilt batting--eco-friendly quilt batting-- Quilt Batting 96" wide -- Quilt Batting 120" wide