Quilt Batting

ALL AMERICAN MADE QUILT BATTING 100% COTTON, anti-bacterial 100% BAMBOO, 100% New Zealand WOOL traditional 80/20 COTTON POLY blends, and economical 100% POLYESTER. Ordering made simple with nine styles of classic and eco-friendly quilt batting to choose from rolls 25 and 15 yards and individual quilt batting packaged by size. ALL OUR QUILT BATTING ARE MANUFACTURED USING STATE OF THE ART NEEDLE PUNCHED TECHNOLOGY WITH SCRIM AND WITHOUT SCRIM NO GLUE AND NO BONDING. FREE SHIPPING AND VOLUME DISCOUNTS

Quilt batting of -- pure “Cotton” quilt batting -- antibacterial “Bamboo” -- quilt batting – traditional “Cotton/Poly” quilt batting--economical “Polyester” quilt batting- 100% New Zealand 100% Wool quilt batting, --bright white quilt batting – natural old fashion quilt batting — just black 60/40 quilt batting--eco-friendly quilt batting-- Quilt Batting 96" wide -- Quilt Batting 120" wide. Batting 4 and 6 ounces per square yard.

  1. How It's Made
Our batting are needle punched made in the USA using the latest state of the art techniques and high-tech machinery. Fibers are interlocked together by thousands of needles that punch fibers into a consistent stable batting. Most of our battings are made with scrim, which is an ultra-thin transparent non-woven fabric used to support the batting base. Scrim reduces fiber migration, controls stretching and sagging to create a very stable batting that is excellent for machine or hand quilt. The end result is a custom high quality durable batting that will help produce longevity for your quilt.